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                                     Sean Ashdown ~~ Artist
Sean was born on Bermuda and received his education in many countries including Switzerland and Canada.
He began making movable sculpture while living in London, England in 1971 and continues to this day.
Although he has lived in San Diego, California since 1985, for the past 15 years his sculpture is sold only once a year at a 2 week  show in Austin, Texas.  The Armadillo Christmas Bazaar (see photo) has been part of his history for over 35 years.
Sean's Sculpture is always made of metal.  Copper, Brass, or Steel.  He fabricates everything by hand and his specialty is making Art that moves!   You will notice wheels on most of his work and each piece has actions appropriate to the creation.
Sean's sculpture is very labor intensive.   He makes every part of each sculpture by hand.   The metal is cut by hand and formed by hand.   The wheels are welded from copper coated steel.   All joints are either welded or brazed so they much stronger than a soldered joint would produce.
He loves flying machines and makes a few onef-of-a-kind winged pieces every year.    He also creates a line of more affordable Fliers for the gift market. 
 He often creates animal designs.  
His history of critters has included a Cockroach and a Shrimp ( as the smallest examples ) and Elephants, Dinosaurs and of course Dragons as his largest designs.
They are always designed to be table sculpture and can complete their entire action in the length of a small magazine, so they don't require an enormous amount of space to be enjoyed.
Sean's wife, Helen,  has created velvet pouches and crochet ornaments for many years. 
About 6 years ago she began making soft sculpture that she fondly calls
Flim Flam Floozies 2015      Flim Flam Floozies
Each sculpture is one of a kind, created from found and recycled objects. 
 2017 will bring "spirit sculptures" and "Darn-it dolls".

Sean & Helen Ashdown 
Florence and Eddie
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