Flim Flam - Sculpture
                                                   NEW 2012!!   ALLIGATOR &  LOBSTER
Crab ~   Crabs walk sideways!Bat ~   Wingtips hinged for Bat flight ( lilting)  motion.Alligator  2 feet long    $750.00Lobster   $800.00The Armadillo Christmas Bazaar  ...... Austin, TexasThanks for visiting!
Here is a list of what Sean has available:
 Clam  $50.00
 Cockroach  $75.00
 Frog  $200.00
 Turtle  $150.00
Ratwing  $125.00
Bat   $150.00
Crab $200.00
Pig   $200.00
Longhorn Bull $400
Parasol (Flying Machine)  $100.00
MousePlane $100.00
SteamPlane $500
Dragon $600.00
Alligator $750.00
Lobster $800.00
                 All of the sculptures listed above have motion. Please contact us if you would like to see them moving.
The Copper Witch and a Copper Wizard do not have wheels. $75.00
Wizard (no wheels)  $75.00
Clam ~  Sean says if an Oyster has a foot, a clam can have a tongue!Cockroach Mouse Plane
Turtle ~  Head & legs & tail moveLong Horn Bull    $500.00    This bull is The Dreaded Ratwing   $125.00We hope to see you again! Check back later for new updates to our website. Sean has created two new sculptures for 2012!    Here they are:
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